COPE Local 343

Devoted and dedicated to promoting and championing the struggles of professional, technical, office and clerical employees in Canada

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We are a Local of approximately 1,600 members based out of downtown Toronto with members across Canada. We are a dynamic and proud union with a history of exceptional representation and a diverse membership.

Latest News:

  • Indigenous Residential School Discoveries—Tell the government to take action


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  • COPE 343 convention election results

    Meet the Executive Board 2021–2023

  • Lyndon George presented with the Liz Fong Activist Award 2021

    View the 2021 Liz Fong Activist Award About the award In honour of her service to the membership and the Labour movement, COPE Local 343 established the Liz Fong Activist Award. As an activist involved in the Local for decades, and the longest serving President of Local 343, Liz Fong tirelessly fought for the members and for workers’ rights. The Liz Fong Activist Award honours this spirit and seeks to highlight the fantastic activism carried out by our members in the movement and in their communities. To nominate someone for the award, the nominator must be an active member of Local 343 in good standing. Please fill out the attached form and include any supplemental materials such as letters of support. Local 343 strongly believes in being involved not only in the movement but also in the communities we belong to. As such, activism in both the labour movement and/or grassroots, community-based activism will be considered. Following the Nomination Deadline, the Executive Board will review the nominations and decide on who will receive the award. The recipient of the award will receive a token commemorating their achievement, have their name added to a plaque that hangs at Local 343’s office as well as be presented with the award at the 2021 convention.

  • Statement from the Executive Board Regarding Anti-Black Racism

    Dear Sisters, Brothers, and Comrades, The death of George Floyd in America was the result of inhumane police brutality that is perpetuated by the institutional culture of white supremacy. Regis Korchinski-Paquet, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Tony McDade have all died at the hands of, or during interactions with police. Many of us who are hearing about these incidents are considering—for the first time—how anti-Black racist practices can kill. The history of police violence against Black communities is a never-ending tragedy. We must all speak up about the injustice. We cannot stay silent. Silence is the tool of the oppressor. This moment calls for us to seriously consider what policy changes are necessary to accomplish our goal of divesting from anti-Black institutions, and reinvesting in crucial social services. COPE Local 343 supports the demands for justice for Black people that have their rights violated by police and those in authority every day. Furthermore, Local 343 is disappointed that it requires rallies, protests, and campaigns to seek justice by demanding that Black Lives Matter. More work is required in the labour movement to ensure that our Black comrades not only feel safe and heard but are also treated equitably and fairly. Local 343’s Political Action Committee and the Executive Board are committed to supporting Black activism with demonstrations, finances and empowering our members to help in any way we can. As a Union, we will continue to organize workshops and support educational opportunities to educate our fellow members about […]

  • Solidarity Action for COPE 343 members at Momentum Credit Union in Hamilton & Oakville

  • Solidarity Statement for Ukraine

    Starting on the morning of February 24th, 2022 the Russian Military forces, as directed by Putin’s Government, launched an unprecedented attack on Ukraine. Our union condemns these actions and violence towards the people of Ukraine. Our union stands in solidarity with the workers, unions, and people of Ukraine in the face of the senseless and malicious act of war. Together with our union affiliates and members across the country and across the world, we are calling out this brutal attack for what it is. We urge our federal government to do everything in its power to work with other governments and organizations around the world to push Russia to end its aggression and withdraw from Ukraine, and follow international human rights protocol, settling any conflicts peacefully through diplomacy while respecting a free and sovereign Ukraine. We are concerned about civilian casualties and a massive displacement of people trying to flee the violence. As essential public services are disrupted and infrastructure destroyed, the urgent need for humanitarian help grows. We also urge our government to support those who are fleeing the violence, and provide humanitarian aid to all those affected by this violence, and offer visa-free access for Ukrainians. We further urge our government to work with multilateral organizations to press Russia to end hostilities, adhere to international human rights obligations and return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy. The international community must stand united in the cause of peace for a free and sovereign Ukraine. To our union members […]


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