Solidarity Statement for Ukraine

Starting on the morning of February 24th, 2022 the Russian Military forces, as directed by Putin’s Government, launched an unprecedented attack on Ukraine. Our union condemns these actions and violence towards the people of Ukraine. Our union stands in solidarity with the workers, unions, and people of Ukraine in the face of the senseless and malicious act of war.
Together with our union affiliates and members across the country and across the world, we are calling out this brutal attack for what it is. We urge our federal government to do everything in its power to work with other governments and organizations around the world to push Russia to end its aggression and withdraw from Ukraine, and follow international human rights protocol, settling any conflicts peacefully through diplomacy while respecting a free and sovereign Ukraine.

We are concerned about civilian casualties and a massive displacement of people trying to flee the violence. As essential public services are disrupted and infrastructure destroyed, the urgent need for humanitarian help grows. We also urge our government to support those who are fleeing the violence, and provide humanitarian aid to all those affected by this violence, and offer visa-free access for Ukrainians.
We further urge our government to work with multilateral organizations to press Russia to end hostilities, adhere to international human rights obligations and return to the path of dialogue and diplomacy. The international community must stand united in the cause of peace for a free and sovereign Ukraine.

To our union members who have connections to Ukraine or are part of Canada’s proud Ukrainian-Canadian community, we stand in solidarity with you in this time of extreme difficulty, stress, and uncertainty. We will stand united with the international community in the call for peace.
In solidarity,

COPE Local 343 Executive Board