Political Action Committee

What is the purpose of the Political Action Committee?

The Committee is in place to assist members and provide resources for COPE Local 343 members in the municipal, provincial and federal elections. The Committee members also help promote COPE, Canadian Labour Congress, Ontario Federation of Labour and District Labour Council campaigns that affect unionized workers and the public.

Who should be a member of the COPE Local 343 PAC Committee?

We welcome any member in good standing to be involved!  Meetings run approximately two hours in length 8 to 10 times a year and generally are located centrally in Toronto.  For those who live outside the GTA or for those unable to attend in person, we always provide the opportunity to be included via teleconference.  A Chair and Vice-Chair of the committee are elected at Local 343’s Convention. The current Chair and Vice Chair of the Political Action Committee are as follows:

Chair – Ryan Donnelly
Vice Chair – Kathy Clee

If you would like more information with regards to the COPE Political Action Committee, please contact them at pac@cope343.com.


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