Health and Safety

Your Health, Your Safety, and Your Role

Most COPE Local 343 members fall under provincial jurisdiction for workplace health and safety matters. The legislation that governs our workplaces is the Occupational Health and Safety Act (the Act)

The Act and its regulations provide workers with three basic rights in terms of occupational health and safety. They are: the right to know, the right to refuse and the right to participate. Other minimum standards for safeguarding the health and well being of workers are outlined in the Regulations for Industrial Establishments and a range of other regulations and standards.

In June of 2010, Bill 168 came into force, amending the Act with respect to violence and harassment in the workplace. The amendments represented the most significant changes to the Act in almost two decades. They provide definitions of workplace violence and harassment and sets out the obligations for employers and employees, including addressing violence and harassment outside of the workplace.

To access online versions of the Act and other legislation, visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour by clicking here.

Accessing Health and Safety Resources

COPE Local 343 encourages all members to play an informed role in their workplace in cases of workplace injury, illness and fatality prevention. The following web site links will assist you in raising your awareness about occupational health and safety issues. They will also provide information enabling you to identify hazards and seek measures to control them thereby safeguarding your health and that of your co-workers.