Education Committee

The Committee members are: Tanya La Rush, Lesley Kelly and Casey Oraa.

COPE Local 343 is committed to the empowerment of our members through education.  In addition to providing education through workshops, panels and plenaries at our Conventions and Annual General Meetings, the Local encourages its members to participate in educational sessions regularly held by COPE Ontario and occasionally by the Local.  The Local covers the costs for its members to attend.

COPE Local 343 also promotes enrollment in general union courses offered by Regional Labour Councils, the Canadian Labour Congress, the Ontario Federation of Labour and other labour organizations. The Local will consider funding the costs for lost wages, travel expenses and registration. Funding request are submitted to and reviewed by the Education Committee.  Prior approval from the Local to attend is often required before funding will considered.

It is also part of the Committee’s mandate to advertise regional scholarships received from COPE/SEPB and to determine the applicants’ eligibility.  Once the Committee has selected an applicant, it makes a recommendation to the Vice-President, Region 2.

For more details see the ‘Educational Practice’ in the Local’s Policies and Procedure Guide

If you have an educational request or inquiry, please contact us at and type ‘Education Committee’ in the subject line.