Young Workers Committee

Young Workers in COPE Local 343

At the COPE Local 343 Convention in April of 2009, a motion was made to expand the Executive Board to include a seat for a young worker. The reasoning was to ensure that the voice of young workers is heard at the decision making level of the Local. Also, it would provide young workers with the opportunity to learn from our leaders, who have been proud union activists for years.

COPE Local 343 is the first Local in our entire union to reserve a seat on its Executive Board for a young worker.

By recognizing the young workers in our Local, we hope to encourage everyone to become active and get involved in their union.

There are many educational opportunities and chances to participate in meetings and union events where young workers can get to know one another and other members in our union.

For more information or to find out what is happening with young workers at COPE Local 343, please feel free to contact Vanitha Ethiraju, Youth Member at Large, via the Local’s e-mail account at

COPE Ontario Young Workers’ Alliance

The COPE Ontario Young Workers’ Alliance exists to unite young workers from all across the Province. Led by the Young Worker Vice President on the COPE Ontario Executive Board, the Alliance works collaboratively to ensure an ongoing dialogue amongst young workers in COPE, as well as host events for members.

For more information on the COPE Young Workers’ Alliance contact: Vanitha Ethiraju, Young Worker Vice President at