Support the All Blood Is Equal Campaign

COPE Local 343 joins COPE National in calling on its members to support the All Blood Is Equal campaign.

While science has come along way and all blood in Canada is tested and safe, discrimination against gay, bi and pan men, as well as men who sleep with men, continues when it comes to blood donations.

Only since May 2019 have men who sleep with men been able to donate blood and even then, there’s still a discriminatory policy in place that says that they have to have been celibate for three months before donating – whilst their straight counterparts aren’t required to do so.

The time to end this discriminatory ban is well overdo and Local 343 adds its voice to the chorus of folks who are calling for the ban to end. You can add your voice, as well as learn more about the campaign, by heading on over to

For more information on the continued ban, check out this article “Explainer: Canada’s Blood Donation Dan Policy (from The Runner Mag).

To read COPE National’s Letter calling for support for the All Blood Is Equal campaign, click here.