Want to Be a Labour Day Lead in Your Community? Deadline for Applying – July 12, 2019

Local 343 is looking for activists who want to be a Labour Day Lead in their community. What will this entail you say? As the Labour Day Lead for your community, you’d be responsible for:

  • Being the Lead person for Local 343’s contingent in your Region/Area
  • Corresponding with the Local’s Executive Board to ensure enough materials are available for the contingent
  • Coordinating your Region’s/Area’s Local 343 contingent and participating in the Labour Day parade and festivities with your fellow Local 343 activists

Members of the Local 343 Executive Board will be handling preparations for Toronto. The Local is looking for Leads outside of Toronto.

If you are interested in being a Labour Day Lead, please email office@cope343.com by no later than Friday, July 12, 2019. In your email, please include your name, Unit/Workplace, the Region/Area you wish to be lead for (ex/ Halton, Durham, etc) and a personal email address where you can be contacted by the Board as well as any members in your Region should you be chosen to be a Lead.

Further information related to Labour Day and how members can participate will be distributed in the near future.