Thanks for Another Great COPE Local 343 Convention 2017 + Your New Executive Board, Trustees, PAC Committee Chair and Vice Chair, and Elections Committee

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in COPE Local 343’s 2017 Convention! After a busy few days that included a lot of great presentations, discussions, debate and collaboration, another Convention has come and gone. The Executive Board would like to thank everyone who took time out of their lives to participate and further details related to the Convention will be featured in our Spring newsletter – keep your eye out for your copy that will be arriving in your mailbox in the near future!

At Convention, your new Executive Board and Trustees were elected. Your 2017-2019 team is as follows:

Kelly Belbin – President
Casey Oraa – Vice-President
Tina MacPherson – Treasurer
Pauline Fitzgerald – Recording Secretary

Members at Large
Tanya La Rush
Kevin Mayers
Dave Rosborough

Youth Member at Large
Vanitha Ethiraju

Equity Seats
Lorraine Boucher
Guled Warsame

Ashley Kirby
Tiffany Main
Marilyn Smith

Thanks to the outgoing President (Liz Fong), Vice President (Mary Stalteri) and Member at Large (Lesley Krauss) for their service to the Local and its members!

An election was also held for the positions of Chair and Vice Chair of the Local’s Political Action Committee. Your new Chair and Vice Chair are:

Ryan Donnelly – Chair
Kathy Clee – Vice Chair

Lastly, an election was held for the Elections Committee and the following members were elected to helm the Committee:

Sue Huizinga
Lori Snow
Barb Stewart

If you have an issue that you wish to bring to the Board’s attention or wish to contact us in general, we can always be reached at or by using the mail form found at If you prefer telephone or fax, the information can also be found on the Contact Page of Local 343’s website.

Thanks again to everyone who came out and we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

In sol,

Executive Board
COPE Local 343