Executive Board Seat Vacancy – Equity Seat. Deadline for Applying – July 12, 2019

In April 2019, Local 343 held its Biennial Convention and at that time delegates in attendance elected the new Executive Board, who are currently serving a two year term as per the Constitution. Unfortunately, one of the two Equity Seats has since resigned which has created a vacancy on the Executive Board.

As per Article 19 of our Constitution, the Executive Board has the authority to fill vacancies. As this resignation occurred so early in the term, the Executive Board unanimously decided to send this call out which gives any member in good standing who is interested in becoming an active participant of the Executive Board, the opportunity to put their name forward for consideration.

To be considered to fill the Equity Seat vacancy, a member must be in good standing for the last twelve (12) months. As well, as per Article 8.7 b):

Equity seats will be representing members from the First Nation and Inuit, persons with a disability, persons from the LGBTQ community and racialized persons. Only members who have self-identified may run for these positions on the Local Executive Board.

Local 343 is a very active, working Executive Board. Members of the Executive Board regularly participate in the planning and execution of Local 343 events, participate in monthly Executive Board meetings and any other meetings required, as well as work on various projects throughout the term (eg/ developing new materials, actions, etc.).

If you are interested in joining the Executive Board, kindly submit your name with a written submission outlining why the Executive Board should consider appointing you to this position. The written submissions should not exceed 500 words.

Any members interested in filling this vacancy should send their written submission to COPE Local 343 via e-mail at office@cope343.com by no later than Friday, July 12, 2019.

Thanks muchly to everyone who puts themselves forward for consideration!

In solidarity,

The Executive Board of COPE Local 343

Executive Board Vacancy Call Out – Equity Seat.pdf