COPE Local 343 Opposes the Ford Government’s Efforts to Undermine Youth Health Education

This summer, the Ontario government announced that it would be reverting to the old 1998 sex education curriculum – Given how many developments were made in the updated curriculum, doing so is only a disservice to the youth of the province. 
At Local 343, we’re very proud to be a diverse and inclusive union. We’re also a Local that promotes consent at its events. Reverting to the old curriculum wipes out many of the inclusive advancements that were made – including wiping out ALL discussions of consent. Using an outdated curriculum puts today’s youth at risk. Full stop.
Families are stepping up to fight the Ford government’s curriculum reversion – In solidarity, Local 343 has donated $250 towards their fight and encourages our comrades across Labour to make donations as well. If you’re interested in donating, you can do so here:
Another way you could show your support for keeping the updated curriculum is to sign the petition:

This is surely only the beginning of the attacks on equity that the Ford government will be unleashing. We must remain active in fighting back oppression wherever it arises – both at the government and at the cultural level. Take a second to voice your support for the updated curriculum and opposition to reverting back to the 1998 one, today.