COPE Local 343 – Delegate Selection to Upcoming Events (Deadline: April 22 @ 5:00 PM)

At the COPE Local 343 Convention that was held April 13 – 14 2019, we were unable to elect the delegates to three events that were on the agenda due to lack of quorum.

This email is a call to all members of COPE Local 343 to put their names forward if interested in attending any of the following three events:

  1. COPE Ontario AGM – May 4 – 5 2019 in Sudbury, Ontario – 5 Delegates
  2. COPE / SEPB National Convention – June 7 – 9 2019 in Gatineau, Quebec – 5 Delegates
  3. ONDP Convention – June 14 – 16 2019 in Hamilton, Ontario – 2 Delegates

Please note, if you would like to attend the ONDP Convention, your Membership must be current, and paid up to the NDP, and the Local cannot pay for the registration fees due to financial laws around Unions contributing to Political Parties.

The Local will select delegates for each of the three events by lottery. When identifying your interest, please indicate which event(s) you are interested in attending in the body of your email. Without this information, your submission will be disqualified.

At this time, our timelines are quite tight, so the window for submitting your name will be short. Please submit your name and the event(s) you wish to attend no later than 5:00 pm on April 22, 2019 to

The delegates will be notified only if they are chosen by April 24, 2019.